Sunday, November 02, 2008


I don't know why they call slippers "slippers." Mine have rubber (or something) soles so that I don't slip. But they're not as comfy as socks, and so sometimes I can't be bothered to find them and put them on.

Yesterday I was heinously uncomfortable. Not in pain, exactly, but my bottom was sore from sitting so much, and I was more swollen than ever, and I hadn't been able to sleep the night before so I was exhausted, and I kept laughing hysterically which made all the wounds on my right side remind me that they were there . . . and then I'd start crying hysterically instead. (It didn't help, by the way.)

At supper time I decided I was in better shape standing up than lying down, so maybe I'd go down and help my dad with whatever last-minute details he might need help with. I did not bother to put on my slippers.

On the top step, my socks slid and my feet flew out from under me. I'm pretty sure if I had been less tired and less wounded my fumble-and-slide down the entire flight of stairs would have seemed really funny to me; as it was, it got the circulation going again in my posterior, which was sort of a plus. But the actual process was somewhat terrifying; I just couldn't catch myself or right myself at all, and on reflex I flung my right arm out and grabbed onto the banister. I caught the banister, but my slippery socks had the upper hand, and I just kept going . . . at the end I yelped and my dad and Heather-of-Six came running and I burst into tears.

The tears were purely from the terror and shock. The weirdest thing about it all was that I hardly hurt at all . . . and none of my stitches ripped. However, I think they're considering suturing my non-slip slippers to my feet from now on.


David Madeira said...

Oh wow, that's scary. Careful, Jenn!!

Scott R. Davis said...

Glad that you survived your flight down your stairs. Once when I was 12 and had a cast on from ankle surgery, I climbed down the basement stairs successfully and then back up. then I wanted to check out something in the bedroom. I climbed up the stairs and then lost my balance on the way down and flew down the stairs to land at the bottom. My parents were concerned to see my laying there. It all turned out okay. I was young at the time and bones flexible and all. SO I have flown also successfully down a flight of stairs. Join the club. Just make sure to hold onto the railing. Don't laugh too hard.

Remember God looks at the inside. Even if your landscape has changed this past week. You have been given a NEW lease on your tent aka Jenn's bod.

kristin said...

Jenn I'm like feeling real stupid, soory for the comment on the hair cut. I wish you well always, and if you ever need me just ask okay because I don't have much going on these dAYS! Kris

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