Thursday, November 06, 2008


Today I went to see the surgeon and make sure everything was going okay with my healing. The good news: as supposed, the lymph nodes taken are definitely without cancer cells, and the tumour, though slightly bigger than they had first thought, is all gone, with sufficient margins of healthy tissue around it.

I asked if it was normal to still feel like I had fluid coursing down my arm and he said, "Tell me about it in six weeks." I took that as a yes?

Now tissue samples are going to be sent out to the west coast, and at some point between now and being allowed to tell the surgeon about fluid coursing down my arm, I will find out if I need chemo, don't need chemo, or need to decide if I need chemo. I would like to find out I'm in the least-risk category. But if I'm not, I'd rather be in the highest-risk category, because I feel like I have enough decisions going on these days; I'd rather not be right smack in the middle result-wise, and then have to worry about choosing "right" or "wrong."

But don't worry. I'll let you know. Oh yes, you know I will.

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