Sunday, November 02, 2008

PG-13, Because of TMI

The information in this post is not for the squeamish . . . or for those who don't really want to know. But I just thought I'd put it out there:

1. The radioactive blue dye? Makes everything that comes out for a day or so afterwards, radioactive and blue. Looks like toilet cleaner. Doubt it has the same effect.

2. Percocet aftertaste is like plastic. The inside of my mouth has tasted like the inside of a balloon for days.

3. Percocet aftereffect is . . . to keep the radioactive blue stuff at a minimum. That's why I also had to buy something called "Stool Softener." Lovely.

4. For someone who sleeps best on their stomach or right side, the whole sleeping thing this week has been near-torture. Apart from the Percocet. (Actually, now I'm on Tylenol and herbal sleep aids, and that worked pretty well last night.)

5. I always wanted to be this size. Just didn't want it to hurt quite so much. Or be quite so lopsided.

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