Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to Work

I had no idea punching orders into a cash register or swiping credit cards was so physically draining. All I had was a five-hour shift, and I only "rang" for half of it, but my arm feels like it wants to fall off. Good thing I didn't have to lift anything. ('Cause I can't. And am forbidden to.)

Also--why did only three customers ask me where I had been? Is it the haircut? Do they really think I was away for two-point-five weeks because I got my haircut?


T5M said...

Are you in a B&N Starbucks or a free standing one?

I don't know if I could work in a bookstore, I find the smell of books to be intoxicating. I'd probably be giddy all day, and no one likes giddy.

Anonymous said...

I like the haircut.

The first day back at work is AWFUL. It will get better.


Mary Anne said...

Jenn, i love that haircut! So stylish!

A Musing Mom said...

Maybe they were trying to be polite?

I've been praying for you and will continue to do so. Glad to hear you were able to get to work some, even if it was exhausting.

Scott R. Davis said...

glad you are back to work in your new do. May you be blessed with the new routine and with your healing. Peace scott

Jenn said...

t5m--I'm in a *real* Starbucks, thank you very much. ;) The B&N ones aren't. However, if I meet a friend for coffee, I rarely go to my store, 'cause I feel like I'm working.

d.--Thanks. And yes, it has.

mary anne--you mean like yours? ;) Cute photo! When you getting on facebook?

AMM--maybe. I'm not sure how many of them knew, although usually when I'm gone for a while (on vacation), or if my schedule gets switched around, people say, "I haven't seen you in AGES!" But yeah, it's good to be back to work, at least for a bit. Thanks for praying.

Shelley said...

Love your haircut!

Jenny Jill said...

Love the two ns! I usually sign my name that way.

I worked in a lovely shops called Cottage Friends. One woman didn't like the way I wrapped her parcel...she showed me how. I understand the fatigue!

/another Jenn

kristin said...

Sometimes I feel like swiss cheese, and times when you think you know some body and you really don't.
I think I need to feel whole again like with the program, and need to be connected! Less about me more about others! :) :)