Saturday, November 15, 2008


Having cancer does weird things to my postal "habits." By which I mean, the type of mail I habitually receive. (I'm still not sure I'm using "habitually" properly here.)

First it was this amazing influx of cards and notes and letters. Very cool. It was like extra Christmas, with way more personal notes.

Now it's this amazing influx of business envelopes that I don't automatically get to chuck into recycling. Rather less cool. They have return addresses on them for the hospital, or for my insurance company, or for those people doing the Oncotype-DX. Today I got my insurance print-out of everything I've been billed for so far. Although I had already heard the amount I had raked up, seeing it on paper, and seeing how many pieces of paper it too to tell me, was kind of awe-inspiring.

Note: This is not me complaining. I am simply observing trends here.

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