Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Good Idea

The other day I was weeding. I don't particularly like this task, which is why I've been doing it a lot lately--because I hadn't touched the weeds since probably May. The flower beds here have sort of been overtaken, and my parents are coming home for a month in a couple of weeks. They're great gardeners, and this is their house and . . . anyway, you get the idea.

I was sitting on the ground, which I kind of enjoy, getting scratched and very close to poison ivy, which I really don't enjoy at all, when I looked up and saw this:I know my opinion here doesn't really matter a whole lot, but lilies were a great idea God had, I think.

Also, this afternoon after work, I ate half a cantaloupe, with plain yoghurt in the cavity where the seeds used to be, and dusted over with cinnamon. Yum-my.

Photo by jennw2ns, 2007: Daylilies.


Heather said...

I agree. One of His best.

Christianne said...

Mmm -- that sounds yummy! And that picture is beautiful. You ought to know how I feel about lilies. :)

GreekGeek said...

moments like that make me (a bit) happier with tasks like weeding in life... and I'm going to have to try that 'recipe'. =]

Annelise said...

Don't spend too much time weeding the left side of the garden. The lilies are there to distract from the weeds! :-)

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