Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This last weekend was, I realised, a surreal mix of my whole life. Well, minus the Latin American part, I guess, although the cute young restaurant host was Latino. It's not really the same context, though . . .

There I was, being reminded (accurately or not) of London all over the place, what with shopping and multiculturalism and the wedding reception of the couple whom Christy of DryBonesDance calls, "the fabulous Kathy . . . and Adam." Adam is British, and so, naturally, is his family, and so, naturally, are their accents. Plus there were photos of their wedding in London . . .

Christy of DryBonesDance was actually at this reception, too. So was MarciaMarciaMarcia. And Kathy and I don't know each other by virtue of London. We know each other because she was my roommate once and my suitemate before that. All of these are friends from college. And some of us have the connexion of the same missionary organisation in our pasts or present. Christy keeps turning up delightfully at random points in my life. She probably doesn't remember all the times, but I think I've run into her every time my life changes course, except for the brief time I lived in Denver. I wonder if seeing her over the weekend is to make up for not seeing her during that transition, or if I should be keeping my eyes open for a new one.

That night I stayed at Starbucks-Stephanie's, who recently moved with to Santa Barbara with her boyfriend Mathias, and the next day Starbucks-Jerry and Starbucks-Kristin (who also moved out west within the last year) picked me up and brought me back to LA.

The whole thing left me feeling somewhat dizzy. My worlds do not normally converge in quite this way. Although I guess if they were going to, Southern California is as good a place as any. Even when it rains, which it did for two days. Kathy's father said that with guests coming in from the Pacific Northwest, Chicago, and London, we didn't really have a chance. He's right, I'd say.

But in any case, I enjoyed myself, and I would like to take this opportunity to say--thanks, guys (as in, all you people I've mentioned over the past four posts or so)! It was a fun weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenn -

Lovely to see you at the reception. I must not remember all the times I've popped up in your life, but if I am some herald of change, you must let me know what happens.


Jenn said...

Oh, I will.

Meanwhile, would you kill me if I posted that photo of you, Kathy and me? (Killing me would be a change, I suppose. And then I wouldn't have to let you know about it.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can post the photo - I'm trying to be less neurotic about that sort of thing. And yes, if I killed you, then I guess you wouldn't have to tell me about it, since I would be there.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn!

Thank you for coming so far to the reception. It was really great to see you there. Just wish that I could have had at least a day w/everyone there, instead of, maybe 10 minutes. But it was also one of those times when just being there was really important. So, thanks. Glad you had a good time. And, you can post the photo if you want -- though I haven't see it yet!