Monday, October 02, 2006

Blog Neglect

Last week was pretty intense. I was trying telepathically to impress a guy I don't, in actual fact, know, and who lives on the other side of the continent. Not to mention conducting various send-off activities for a guy I actually do know, who is relocating to roughly the same spot in the universe. Not to mention welcoming one of my best friends into the Family of Christ, which is, essentially, the most exciting thing I've ever been able to do, given the fact that this is pretty much what I live for but don't actually get to see happen very often. Not to mention working on some copyediting projects.

(As an aside, if anybody knows anybody looking for a copyeditor, I'm open to more such projects.)

Each of these activities occupy varying degrees of reality, but they all took up pretty much all of my time and brainspace, leaving me with none for my blog. Poor blog. At any rate, I'm back, at least until Saturday, when I depart for a small, relatively peaceful, Latin American country where I will most likely not look at the Internet for a week and a half.

There. That told you precisely nothing, but at least I feel like I've written something.


GreekGeek said...

I must say, you do write "nothing" delightfully! =] Enjoy that latin american country, and know I'll be sitting here in grey, dark, rainy Scotland and being jealous.... And congrats on the friend thing - that's always exciting!

Jenn said...

Thanks. And thanks. And thanks. Actually, it's rainy season where I'm going, too, but maybe it will be warmer rain!

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