Monday, January 08, 2007

Setting the Record Straight

Perspective is perplexing. As long as one is subject to the time space continuum, nobody can have exactly the same one. I can never see exactly what you see, because my eyeballs can't be in exactly the same place as yours at exactly the same time. (If they were, it might just be hard to see anything. Who knows?) This, of course, applies not just to vision, but experience. I believe wholeheartedly in absolute truth, and I believe we can know some of it, but I don't think that any of us can know all of it. 'Cause we just can't see everything. And then sometimes we make stuff up.

Like the other day. I accused one of my friends of accusing my blog of being self-centred. But actually, as I learned after making this information available to cyberspace, the word "blog" never left this fellow's lips. He was simply using "Jennwith2ns" as a hypothetical movie title, as an example and context for what he was talking about. Apparently my barely submerged fears-and-other-things-I'm-dealing-with-right-now made me hear "like Jennwith2ns' blog." Oops. I hate putting misinformation on here (although I'm sure I do it with great regularity).

It was a good thing, though. Maybe sometimes skewed perspective can get you ricocheting off in the right direction once in a while. I got a lot of thinking done this weekend.

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Annelise said...

Scary how the mind works!