Saturday, January 13, 2007


In spite of my brother's wholehearted endorsement, and in spite of the fact that I'm probably making a big deal out of nothing (something I do fairly regularly, and which might explain my deep desire to blog about my city), I've decided that I need a little more time to decide about this blogging thing.

I actually believe that God does somehow communicate what He wants to people who want to know, although I'm less sure these days that I know how He does it or even when He's doing it. But it seems to me that even if my hopes for greater blogdom come to naught, it might be a good idea for me to spend some time asking Him how He feels about my trying. And I have a hard time listening--well, I have a hard time listening regardless, but I have an even harder time listening when I'm wrapped up in whatever it is I'm trying to get some clarity about.

So this week I'm going to take a break. Starting tomorrow, all the way through next Sunday, you will not see me here. I will not be blogging. I will not be reading anybody's blogs (sorry, beloved fellow-bloggers). I'll just be thinking and praying about it and trying to spend a little extra time actually focusing on God. I realised I needed this when it dawned on me that while writing my most recent journal entries (journalling is how I talk with God the best, I think), I was semi-consciously writing them with the great cloud of blog readers in mind. I also noticed that a lot of times recently, I've wanted to encourage certain of my friends, like, say, Philosopher-Journalist-John, to start a blog so we can comment on each others. Which might be a good idea, but not if it precludes actually talking to people.

So anyway. Have a good week. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. (That "Jr." thing really messes up the flow of the name of the holiday. But I feel like I'm being inaccurate if I leave it off.) Don't forget that it is Martin Luther King, Jr., Day.

I will still be answering emails.

See you here in just over a week.


Scott said...

Jenn; very good post on keeping the perspective on focus and how live conversations contain the emotion and a deeper perspective. Just like how Jesus tells a story to others and the spark from that conversation makes such a difference in people's lives that it is a wildfire. Keep up the good work!!!

Dave Grosser said...

OK, ok, that sounds like a good idea.

I think it was in the latest Christianity Today Editor's page, he told a story about the writer of that issue's lead article--basically asked God for something to write about, and that request took her on a journey to tell the stories of prostitutes in developing countries (the article she wrote for CT was part of a larger book to be published). Or something like that. Anyway, she got way more than she bargained for by giving God that request (in a good way), but it did occur to me--that might be a good prayer request. Sounds like you agree. Yay.

On a related note, on my favorite worthless and crass movie news site,, there was an interview with this woman who, first time she writes a book, it's published. Then, first book she pulishes, Peter Jackson wants to direct a movie of it. (I'm hazy on the details--some historical fantasy that retells the story of one of the world wars, but dragons are involved. Or something.) Crazy. But anyway, in the interview, she said that she heard that you needed to write a million words of utter crap before you can write anything good--which is why she wrote reams and reams of online fan fiction before she sat down and wrote her fantasy novel. The whole point of *that* is, that I think even if you don't get the exposure you want blogging, it's a good exercise to work down those million words, so I wouldn't be surprised if God wanted you to do it.

Whether the woman in the first story (telling the stories of the lives of sex workers) had to write a million words of crap... I dunno.