Friday, January 12, 2007

$$ Blog $$

This week (more or less), I learned that, at least theoretically, one can earn some money blogging. I never really have been that up on pop culture. It wasn't until the last year or so that I finally got into 80's music, which is what everybody else was listening to--well, in the 80's funnily enough, which is when I was in high school. (Please nobody make fun of me for liking 80's music. I'm having a hard enough time being a late bloomer.)

Being funded by a blog seems ideal, since the last idea I had for a novel was actually an attempt to get over a guy I had fancied (pre-Brian). But I'm over that guy now and have nothing else to say in it, and no other writing projects except blogposts.

I could, it appears, put ads on my blog. This, however, is like putting billboards on the highway; it might help with finances, but it does nothing for the view. (It does something to the view, however.) I'm still idealistic (and solvent) enough not to want to go this route--at least not yet.

Alternatively, I could apply for a blogging position, apparently. For example, there is a "prelaunched" (whatever that means) blog network that is all people blogging about their cities. My city is the kind people love to hate, and since I'm partial to underdogs, I would relish blogging about it. But this site will likely not hire me unless my current blog has some decent traffic and feedback going on. I could increase this by signing up with other blogsites and social tagging sites (which I just learned about yesterday and am not even sure I understand--or am calling the right thing).

But honestly, how available to I really want to be on this here internet? It's a little scary thinking of signing up in that many places. How do I know what kind of sketchy person is going to find my information? The same thing, could, of course, be said about on-line dating, however, which I've been doing (or trying to do) for three years. That experience has been both less successful and less dangerous than it is often touted as being. So who knows? I might just give it a shot.


Dave Grosser said...

Do it! Do it!

I love the "blog about your city" thing. Such a good idea, and such good motivation to get to know your city.

Anonymous said...

think dating sites had it pretty tough during the crunch