Tuesday, June 09, 2009

White Picket Fence

So today I was walking Oscar at 5.30 or so, after I got home from work, and I thought, "When did this happen?"

I mean, okay. I'm not married and I don't have kids and I don't actually own the house I live in, but in the last two weeks I went from That-Weird-ThirtySomething-With-the-Shift-Job-Who-Wanted-to-Spend-Her-Life-as-a-Destitute-Missionary-Overseas to That-Weird-ThirtySomething-With-What-Might-Actually-Turn-Into-a-Career, who lives in a house (not an apartment, a house) with a Dog, who she takes for walks before 9 and after 5 on weekdays.

I am a little cynical about the whole visualisation fad, because back in my early 20's when I was visualising my life right now? None of this stuff was in it.

Fortunately (?) I do sometimes have to work weekends, and take kids on trips to Missouri and stuff like that, or I'm pretty sure I wouldn't even recognise myself.


Mary Anne said...

Jenn, I'm so excited about your new job/career!! It must feel really good to have a salary, full benefits, paid vacation, "upward mobility", etc etc etc.

Wow, I sound like a really boring and materialist yuppie right now... oh well! Some stability in our lives is nice. So are dogs and houses!

Mary Anne said...

Hey also... I have friends here in Seattle with a dog who is completely OBSESSED with this amazing toy they have. I would buy you one if I lived near you! Seriously, you should try to find this thing. It's a plastic stick with an end on it that can easily pick up a tennis ball from the ground (it probably comes with a ball, but fits any tennis ball too), and then you just flick the stick and the ball FLINGS super far, way farther than you could throw it on your own. So the dog gets all excited and gets to run super far, and when he brings the ball back, you don't even have to bend over to pick up the dirty, slimy thing, because you can just grab it with the special end of the stick. Grab, fling, repeat. It's the greatest dog toy ever. Their dog NEVER tires of it, so he gets tons of excercise even if they don't feel like going for a long walk. Just a thought for when Oscar learns to play fetch!