Saturday, June 06, 2009

I Have an Oscar!

I picked him up today off the side of the road. A whole bunch of other people joined me to do something similar. The truck was at a rest stop off a highway, and there we all were, filling up our empty leashes with canines.Oscar is cute and snuggly, but also nervous. He used to belong to a breeder who evidently got sick of breeding dogs or something. I'm getting the impression that he's used to small spaces (he keeps trying to squeeze himself under the bar stools in the kitchen) and maybe more used to dogs than people. I had already been warned that he hasn't had a lot of leash experience, and this is definitely true. He kind of hates it, and will either sit down and dig in, or stand up on his hind legs and paw at the leash. We did have a few successful turns around the yard, so I think he'll get it eventually; it just might take him a while to figure out that walking is a good thing.

This afternoon we had a cup of tea together. Well, I had the tea, and I held him on my lap and he seemed quite happy there. After that the Milk Guy and Son-of-Milk-Guy and their two dogs came over for a few minutes on their way to somewhere else. Oscar seemed fascinated with the dogs and by the time they left, his tail was wagging for them, but since they left, he's been napping . . . under the bar stool. Hopefully he'll sleep tonight!


Scott R. Davis said...

Who is the best supporting actor and actress. And what is the best song ( probably, ruff ruff.)

christianne said...

Oscar is so utterly adorable. I'm glad you shared pictures! Especially of him squeezing himself into small spaces. Like I said, adorable.