Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cruelty to Animals

Really? I kind of have to wonder sometimes about the person who came up with the name for the breed of dog that is part cocker spaniel and part poodle. I guess there might be some people who don't know what "kaka" is. Sister-in-Lu didn't, back in the day, when we were driving through her home state and she couldn't figure out why we thought it was so hilarious when the radio announcer said self-importantly, "This is K-A-K-A."

It was, too.

Anyway. My point is that it is impossible to say the word Cockapoo without sounding like you're talking about excrement in two languages. And I just think that's kind of mean. Although actually, it might be meaner to the owners of said breed than to the dogs themselves. The dogs probably don't care, really. But every time someone asks me what kind of dog I'm getting, I always kind of take a deep breath before I can bring myself to say it. It's a lot more awkward than explaining why I'm naming him Oscar.


christianne said...

You could decide to tell people instead that you're getting a cocker/poodle mix. Might take the edge off.

But I know what you mean. We had a cockapoo for a dog when I was growing up, and I never did like telling people that was her type.

Billy said...

Just remember to pick up his cockapoo when you take him for a walk.

Scott R. Davis said...

And don't put dear Oscar in a can. that way he won't be in a grouchy mood!!!!!