Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh. Except . . .

. . . you know that thing I promised not to mention again for a very long time? Oscar just disappointed me on that front again. Bleah.


phil said...

Hey Jenn-

You've had Oscar for less than a month. I think he's doing pretty well, from reading your prior blog.

Be positive and praising, and even though I realize that this is your place to vent (I guess that's what the internet is about nowadays), if Oscar were a child, you certainly wouldn't post things about how disappointed you are in him; you'd focus on the positive. I wonder if you tried posting the good things he does as an experiment in altering your attitude as well as his.

What do you think?

Uncle P

Jenn said...

THAT is a really good point. There ARE some positive comments in the previous post. He was truly AWESOME this weekend! But thinking of it like a kid-thing helps. I wouldn't write the negatives of kids I'm working with at church, either. Thanks for saying this.

Incidentally, I DO praise him a LOT to his face. ;) And at least this time I caught him in the act so the one (rare) reprimand was timely and hopefully he can associate it with the mistake . . .

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