Thursday, June 04, 2009


So this morning for some reason I was thinking about something that I had learned from someone who used to work at Starbucks (kinda like me, although they're "used to" was a lot longer ago than mine). I have now forgotten what, or even who, that was, because I got distracted by the next thought which was a New Word for people who have ever worked at Starbucks and know something about coffee and the inner workings of the company: Buxerati.

It looks weird. But I don't care. I made it up. Once I thought I made up the term "bloggerati," but it seems that that word is already all over the web. I'm pretty sure Buxerati is original. At least, I'm posting it here as being so.

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revjas said...

Google found three other instances of 'buxerati' on the web -- in Russian, Italian and some other language that neiter Google nor I recognise. But I guess in English it's your own, finely nuanced word, Jenn!! (Should you copyright it?)

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