Tuesday, February 03, 2009

One Day More

Today was supposed to be my last day of radiation, but last Friday the Other Machine (which, for the last seven sessions, has become "my" machine) was broken, so I effectively had to make up a day the way all the school kids in the Northeast are going to have to make up the rest of their lives because of all the school they've missed this winter.

So anyway, tomorrow is my last day of radiation. Did you hear that?! It's my last day of radiation!

Radiation wasn't even that bad. I got tired, but that was because last Saturday we had a lock-in with the teens at New Church, not because of radiation. Still, in spite of its being Not That Bad, I feel that some sort of celebration is in order. I think they should make "Congratulations on your weird sunburn and not having to get it anymore" cards, and maybe bouquets of hazardous aluminum-filled deodorant and bubble baths and ladies' razors and stuff. I think, though, that getting appetizers and beverages on Thursday with 409-Caitlin and various other friends is going to be just the thing in lieu of that nonsense.

However, I also think that for my last day, I should get a parking space right next to the exit door of the parking garage, and I should get to change in my favourite dressing room, and I should get "gowns" that are not faded, and I should get a warm blanket without having to ask for it.

Why do I want to be spoiled when this wasn't even hard?


Scott R. Davis said...

glad that it is over tomorrow. Hope the cocktail does its job and you are all better real soon with no cancer anywhere~~~~

Have a great day celebrating.

jasdye said...

because SOMEBODY'S paying a lot of money while you're suffering, that's why!

Annelise said...

Well, thank God it wasn't that hard--but I'd say some spoiling would be good. After all, you did have to do this 5 days a week for 7 weeks. And it had to feel humiliating at times. So I say, congratulations, and definitely celebrate!

Jenn said...

Scott--thanks. Not a cocktail. Just a bunch of invisible rays aimed at me. But yeah . . . I hope it does, too!

Jasdye--oh. Yeah. That's true. ;)

Mom--also true. And thanks!

heather said...

I'll raise a glass to you.

Jenn said...

Thanks, Heather!

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