Monday, February 09, 2009


I'm having a little trouble deciding which posts to write over here and which ones to write at A Wandering Line, but I just posted something about fighting with Dinosaurs and something else about antidepressants over there, and I'm gearing up to start musing about happiness, if you're curious and want to start peppering me with difficult questions.

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Jeff said...

I was feeling a little too lazy to sign up so I could respond to your post on antidepressants at that other blog...
Can I post a couple thoughts here? (I'll assume that the answer is "no" with no hard feelings if this comment is deleted.)

#1) Interesting stuff.

#2) Personally, the Christians who were most convincing and convicting to me, in my journey toward Christ, were the ones who didn't seem to have a perfect life.
I didn't believe the always-smiley, my-life-is-perfect Christians. As I look back, probably some of them actually deserved to be believed. I think you're a much more convincing witness for Christ when you're open about your challenges.

#3) I've got pretty intense pro-antidepressant views. For most of the reasons you state, it's arbitrary to take an anti-medication stance for depression unless you go whole hog and take the Christian science route. I have yet to hear a convincing explanation from anyone about why glasses, deodarant, pain killer, antibiotics, or mutlivitamins might be permissable while antidepressants are not. I won't agree with somebody who rejects glasses, deodorant, etc., but I could respect them for being consistent.