Saturday, February 07, 2009

Whoa. That Was Weird

After writing that last post, I tried one more search on my computer and found what appears to be my songs, lurking in the shadows. I dragged and dropped them into itunes, and they seem to have gone there, and, randomly, one of the songs started playing.

It was Jason Harrod's "Messed Up Everywhere Blues." Ironically. And also which I love. And which I had been singing earlier. As the melody tugs on my heart, the album covers reappear in the itunes screen . . . one . . . by . . . one . . . like little stars . . .

So melodramatic. So silly. But somehow the music seemed to imbue even that with meaning.

All that to say: basically better. I still need to check a couple of things, but I think we're good. And . . . I'd better back up my ipod.

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