Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So today? The most disGUSTing thing that's ever happened to me at Starbucks . . . happened to me at Starbucks.

The previously most disgusting thing was five whole years ago when the sweaty dude came into the store and handed me some crumpled up bills (no wallet) from his front pocket . . . and they were wet. Bleagh.

But today?

Today a guy came in and ordered an Earl Grey, to be made in one of our ceramic cups instead of a paper "to-go" one. No problem there. Before he left the store, he put the cup back on the counter. I picked it up and took it over to the sink, talking to Mouse as I pointed the faucet over it and turned the water on to soak it.

The water hit the inner curve of the cup at such an angle that it shot straight up the other side, splattering with water and half-drunk tea my face, my neck . . . and the inside of my mouth.

When the sweaty guy handed me his moist moolah, I could (and did) wash my hands very thoroughly after that. But what do you do when someone else's saliva flies unbidden into your mouth? Pray that they don't have a communicable disease, I guess, and hang on tight . . .


Cliff said...

Listerine! It's an antiseptic. I recommend the Vanilla flavor.

dave grosser said...

Wait--why isn't this on your TOJ blog?


Marcus Goodyear said...

I'm more worried about the guy ordering Earl Grey from Starbucks than anything else.

I mean, it's not fun to kiss strangers, but the French do it without major viral outbreaks. (When in doubt, pick on the French.)

Jenn said...

Cliff--good idea . . . too bad there isn't any in the store first aid kit. Or in the cleaning supplies. Or something.

Dave--oh, you know. I, um, forgot. That I had. that blog. Yeah.

Marcus--good point; ordering tea from a coffee shop does seem a little off--not to mention I think Tazo makes lousy tea. As for your other point--that might be a good one, too, but see . . . I'm not French.

GravenRecords said...

jenn - found your blog thru the burnside blog. i used to write for their site and blog (and you commented on one of my old posts at http://burnsidewriterscollective. but have moved on. feel free to check out my 365 days of blog at

nice (and sick) starbucks story. i dug it.

Craver Vii said...

Jenn, I just did the heebie-jeebie shivers for you. ...and then I laughed real hard. :-)

Those ceramic mugs are so cool. I had a meeting with a prospect (for elder) a couple weeks ago. We went to Starbucks, and I got my coffee in one of those mugs. I am much more comfortable with a mug than a disposable cup.

Hmm... Earl Gray tea... a possible French connection (snap) I got it! Jean-Luc Picard!!

Jenn said...

GR--I remember you (and the post on which I commented). Welcome back. What are you doing in these parts?

Craver--I feel like I need to brush up on my Star Trek.

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