Monday, October 29, 2007


Here is something I have been wondering recently:

How is it that bleu cheese can get moldy? Isn't it already moldy? So . . . does mold grow mold? And if your already, intentionally, moldy bleu cheese starts to grow white fuzz, and the point of bleu cheese is its moldiness, can you still eat it?

Here is another question:

How is it that the packet of whole grain tortillas that my mother bought at the beginning of August is still not moldy?

Just wondering. You know.


Christianne said...

Are you keeping the tortillas in the refrigerator? I've found that some things last a LOT longer than I ever thought possible when they are kept in the fridge.

No idea on the bleu cheese moldy factor.

Marty said...

Or if a man makes a sound in the woods, and a woman doesn't hear him, did he really make a sound at all?

Heather said...

I've wondered the same thing about bleu cheese!
I've never had tortillas last that long, fridge or no fridge.

Jenn said...

I have actually wondered the same thing (also about yogurt, isn't is already spoiled milk? Can it spoil again?) I would be way more afraid of the tortillas than the cheese though.

Jenn said...

Christianne--yes, I have been, but still . . . shouldn't I be disturbed by this?

Marty--did you say something?

Heather--yeah, that's what I'm saying.

Jenn--I was thinking I should have concluded this post by saying, "Can I eat THEM?" I did, though, and I still seem to be alive. It may take me some time to decompose after my death, however, I guess. Fortunately, I probably won't know about it. Happy Halloween! (And birthday!)