Thursday, October 04, 2007

Adjusting for Accuracy

Actually, I still don't exactly remember what New-York-David initially called me yesterday, but Old-Timer-Ben (who's 23, by the way) reminded me that it had the word "democrat" in it. We think it was something like "left-wing hippie liberal Democrat." Yeah. He called me a Democrat.

(Well, I can't say I'm a Republican.)


L.L. Barkat said...

Maybe you are a crunchy con! I'm reading this great book called (surprise) Crunchy Cons and I'm totally enjoying his discussion of what true Conservatism is and therefore what Republicans should be about.

Not that I've been able to neatly label myself as a result. That's the problem with parties. You may believe some of what they believe, on both sides, making it hard to land.

jasdye said...

stupid two party system.

Barry Pike said...

Two parties are better than one.

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