Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New Kids

Not the band. Yes, I am that old, but not the band.

At the end of the summer about six people (and I am not exaggerating) quit working at our store. This meant lots of work for the rest of us (and way fewer people among whom to share tips). Then we hired about twelve more, plus a couple of out-of-state transfers. (Now I am exaggerating--about the twelve, though, and not about the transfers or their locations of origin.) Most of these are college students, as usual, which is kind of nice because it makes for a ready-made conversation topic before you know them very well, i.e., "What's your major?"

If you have to have new kids (which we often do), it's really really helpful if they already kind of know how to do stuff, even if they don't know where everything goes. And even if they have Long Island accents. Yesterday on my break I ordered a decaf tall almond latte, just so I could hear New-York-David say all of those "a's." (I know. I'm kind of mean. But he says his college suite-mates pick on him all the time, so I figure he's used to it.)

Today I got a beverage I actually felt like drinking on my break, and I had New-Ricky make it in my travel mug. New-York-David, who took my order, wasn't quite getting the whole travel mug concept, so I told him I was trying to look after the environment in my own small little way by reusing a cup instead of wasting all those disposable ones every time I wanted to drink something.

He said, "That's because you're one of those left-wing hippie liberals."

I grinned and said, "Actually, I'm a conservative evangelical Christian, but you can think what you want."

After that I had to disclaim a little bit and say that I'm not quite as conservative as some of my brothers and sisters, but I was one, all the same. I love watching people's faces register this information.

When I came back from my break, New-York-David and I had to put our recently-arrived supply order away, so we got to talk a little more. New-York-David asked me questions about my voting habits and I brought up my racism question (he started out saying it wasn't racist but after I expounded, he changed his mind), and stuff like that. After we had cleared the back room of boxes, he said, "I started out trying to instigate a debate with you, but it didn't really work because you're . . . too open-minded."

I'm not sure this is necessarily true. I'm not sure, either, whether all conservative evangelical Christians would consider this a compliment, coming from a left-wing hippie liberal. But I have to tell you: I did.


Llama Momma said...

very cool. A high compliment indeed!

Marcus said...

That's a good comeback about being a conservative Christian. I like your racism post, too. I wrote a long comment there, but then it disappeared. Blast!

Christianne said...

Love this story!

Jenn said...

LM--yeah, I figured at least some of the people I know through the blog would think it was cool!

Marcus--thanks. And I'm really bummed I missed your comment on my racism post. Any chance you're up for trying to reconstruct it?

Christianne--thanks! Again. ;)

jasdye said...

wait. you're a conservative evangelical christian and you've got an open mind? that's unheard of!

yeah, we can't rely on the media or other blogs to let the world know that thinking and caring evangelicals exist.

jenn, you're our new ambassador.

Jenn said...

Jasdye--whoa. Thanks . . . but I'm not sure I want the responsibility! (Anyway, isn't being one of those more about at least trying to be an ambassador for Somebody else?)

Heather said...

Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh. Hangin' tough.
Sorry. couldn't resist.

Jenn said...

Thanks, Heather. Thanks.

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