Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am pleased to announce that I remembered to go to worship team practice this evening. All of us in the group were in sort of tough shape, so we decided to sit instead of standing to practice. It felt weird and sounded weird, but hey, at least we practiced and were all there. I was in the best condition. My only problem was having slammed my right index finger in my car door while jumping out of it to welcome Former-Roommate-Sarah back to the US from her honeymoon. The welcome came out a little pinched after that, kind of like my finger. (I'll let you know if the fingernail falls off.)

I also remembered to go to my dentist appointment. Two appointments in one day is kind of noteworthy, I think. Once again, I have no cavities. My teeth might be what's called "tetracycline yellow." (Apparently even if tetracycline doesn't do a thing to help your acne, it will still discolour your teeth.) But they're solid as rocks. Well, except the one I knocked out when I was seven. The dentist came in and said, "There's never any drilling with you. You don't eat enough sweets. That's your problem."

A compliment from a dentist if there ever was one.


Craver Vii said...

I have a Dremmel drilling tool. Next time you come this way, let's give your dentist something to do, shall we? Mwaa-ha-haaa...

Scott said...

cash in on those free ice cream certificates from the dentisit. then a cavity might come. but wait til the 4o's . then they will show up like clockwork as with me. hope finger feels better.

kristin said...

I told you that there was nothing to worry about. I know the forgetting about stuff really makes one upset. In the long run JENN you made up for lost practice time. I'm sorry about the finger issue. take care of yourself.

Jenn said...

Craver--you're so . . . scary! I don't think I knew all this when I went out there last spring. :-.

Scott and Kristin--thanks for your concern. Finger is fine. I don't even think I'm going to lose the nail . . . although if it had to go, that's a lot more interesting than, say, breaking it while emptying the garbage at Starbucks!

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