Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Labels

Here's a gripe I have about sites like this and myspace and things: if I want to include details regarding my date of birth, about which I feel no particular shame, I immediately get pigeon-holed and labeled as being under the auspices of some cosmic crustacean. I don't really think that if I say the name of my supposed astrological sign, I will henceforth become demon-possessed or something like that. But it does bug me to be put in a box like that, no matter how accurate the characteristics that are thereby attributed to me. (You know--since we're supposed to be the gods around here. Cf. immediately previous post.)

And here's the other thing. If I must, according to cultural trends, proclaim myself as being born under an astrological sign, why have the cultural trends of political correctness not caught up? Why do we July-babies have to call ourselves "cancers" or "crabs"? I mean really people. Can't we come up with some terms with better connotations?

Speaking up for crabby people everywhere,

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