Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just Super

In spite of having claimed I don't want to spend much time at all writing these posts (cf. my comment to my brother's comment in "Politesse,"), I am currently working on a post that is taking me three days and counting.

In the meantime, Roommate-Sarah and I would just like you to consider this: Superman is supposed to be faster than a speeding bullet. This always seems to imply physical speed. But wouldn't his intellect then need to be equally speedy? If he can zip around from place to place in order to save the world more efficiently, wouldn't his mind need to be able to catch up? What would happen if he got somewhere that fast and wasn't a quick enough thinker to figure out what to do when he got there?

Does anybody know anything about this? We're both a little concerned.


Dave Grosser said...

I have no authority on this topic, but I think Supes just goes with his gut.

lpadron13 said...

I agree with the previous post. Supes can assess the gravity of a situation faster than Rudolph Guliani because his gut instincts are enhanced as well. If one can overlook his inability to think up a disguise better than a pair of glasses it makes perfect sense.

Jenn said...

Perhaps the gut is not responsible for disguises.