Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Coming Soon

Luis, a friend of mine whom I've never actually met, claims to have tried to post comments to my blog, and that blogger is being somewhat paranoid and not letting him do so. A few others have made similar complaints. To which I say, "bummer," and "sorry--I can't help you." This website is completely baffling to me, and the fact that I continue to be able to write things and have them appear on it is probably just short of miraculous. Or at least really really surprising.

Anyway, Luis wrote me this email back when I was talking about Job, and back before he knew blogger was only going to let him only ever post one comment and he thought I wouldn't like what he had to say appearing on my blog, so he didn't try to post it. I have no idea how to answer him. But his email did stir the grey matter up a bit, so I feel like making comments more or less related to it. Only not right now.

Right now I simply say,

Coming soon! Words about the following email (which has been abbreviated not for censorship, but for sense):

Here's what I wanted to leave as a comment at your blog but didn't: I wonder if Job missed his children. If he was a good dad (if he existed at all) he must've. What good father wouldn't? Would he have felt any better knowing that they were lost because of a silly bet (if such a bet ever occurred)? Probably not. I don't think that having more children and new wealth would've done much to do away with the grief of having lost his first set of kids.

And...Rallies give pretty instant results. Prayer doesn't. There's little disuputing the effects of a rally. Not so with prayer. Damn near anything attributed to prayer can be satisfactorily explained naturalistically or by chance. I see the use of rallies. I don't see the use of prayer. I don't think I ever have. I've never seen a miracle which is what answered prayer is. Never. Not once. Prayer seems to have been answered but when I think back on it, completely reasonable explanations can be given for what appeared to be answered prayer. I've never seen a miracle and I've never seen God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit or anything like that. I believe they may exist and, in fact, I hope they do. It'd be nice. It'd be great. But I'm afraid that what does exist is nothing like what I read in the Bible. The creator behind this creation is mean; a dark kind of mean. Like a dim witted bully who can read people just enough to know what makes them most afraid. Yes indeedy-doo....That would have made a terrible entry at the blog. What say you?

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