Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Divided Loyalties

Nope. This isn't about yesterday's post.

This is about how somehow-and-thanks-to-KS-Christie (the KS stands both for Kansas, where she originates, and "Kindred Spirit," 'cause she is) I am now an official blogger at The Other Journal, an on-line journal for Mars Hill Graduate School on the West Coast. (Only you can't tell, because I haven't posted anything yet.)

This is slightly bizarre for many reasons, including the following:

1. I don't know where on the West Coast Mars Hill Graduate School is. (I should probably not admit this on-line.)

2. I started graduate school once . . . and quit.

3. They already have a ton of really smart, well-writing people blogging for them, about actual Topics. I blog about the morass of mixed-up thoughts in my brain.

Because I don't think that my version of a TOJ blog and my version of a Blogger blog are ultimately going to be all that different, and because I'm currently trying to hold down two jobs and freelance, I'm seriously toying (can you seriously toy?) with the idea of no longer posting here and just posting there. But I feel all sorts of nostalgic, as if you couldn't find me somewhere else on the web and because this is where I blogged and you read and commented for something like a couple of years. And those other people who might stumble across my TOJ blog? Well, I don't know them. They don't have the history you and I do. They don't know that I'm ridiculous about trees and in a complicated relationship with a Milk Guy (they don't even know why he's called the Milk Guy--sheesh) and once lived in London and have a thing for weird conversations with total strangers. You know these things. How am I supposed to catch them up on all that, for goodness' sake?

I don't know what I'm going to do about this just yet. But come visit me at my new digs in either case, okay? Only . . . wait 'til I've actually got something posted over there . . .


Cliff said...

Well, it is a nice problem to have. A couple years ago I started out on Xanga and actually developed a handful of faithful followers. When I switched to Blogger I was sentimentally unable to just cut off the Xanga site. So what I do now is just cut and paste a line or two from the Blogger blog (bloggity-blog-blog-blog) into a Xanga post and link it to the real joint. Perhaps a similar arrangement would work here?

jason dye said...

1) Seattle. i've got some friends who are either going there or plan to go there. don't know if it's fully connected to the church there, but i hear good things about the school and teachers.

2) me too. financial reasons.

3) maybe they wanted a really smart and good writer who can write about life.

i think it's ALWAYS a good thing to keep your regular/personal blog up, even if only sporadically updated. and you can catch everybody else up by linking to this blog anyway, right?

Annelise said...

Interestingly, Mars Hill was affiliated with Western Seminary (once a CB school; I have know idea what their affiliation might be now).

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