Friday, July 04, 2008

Sneaking Up

The Milk Guy has morning glories. Well, they don't yet have their glory (i.e. flowers), even in the mornings, but the plants are growing in profusion, with the promise of more beauty even than heart-shaped leaves, to come.

There's a fence for the tendrils to wind up, and some of them are doing so, but others are growing back along the ground. The Milk Guy was contemplating training them up the fence, too, but they're too far entrenched along the stonework or whatever it is down there, so he said, "I guess there'll be some 'creeping glories,' too, then."

"That sounds funny," I chuckled. "'Creeping glory.'"

"It would make a great name for a band," he said. I'm sure it would. The band we saw recently was called "Raging Grace." I'm not positive it occurred to him right then how similar in genre the names are. Regardless, I just think it's an unmitigatedly great phrase, whether it's referring to a band or not.

It seems like it should be mitigated. Creep, creeping, creepy--none of these have very nice connotations. They make me think of certain customers we have . . . There's a sinister undertone to any word with "creep" at its root. But I think it's apt anyway. I think sometimes the onset of glory feels sinister, even if it's--well, glorious, in the end. Ultimately, we probably have to die first, which doesn't have really fantastic connotations either. And even the hints and whispers of glory we receive here are often hard-won and feel a little bit like dying.

Also, they're usually just hints and whispers. "Creeping glory" reminds me that sometimes the glory of God doesn't burst upon us like a thunderclap, but sneaks up and surprises us. It makes me think of the parables Jesus told about the coming of the Kingdom--it's like a mustard seed, which surprises us with the large shrub that's inside it; or like a tiny bit of yeast, which surprises us by rising a whole batch of bread dough; or like a treasure, hidden in the ground.


jasdye said...

Creep, creeping, creepy--none of these have very nice connotations. They make me think of certain customers we have . . .

yet another reason to avoid starbucks at all costs!

hope you got some time off to enjoy the day. weather was wonderful here in chicago, at least.

Stacey said...

Hey Jenn,

Such poetry in your thoughts!! As usual I feel refreshed reading them.

Jenn said...

Jasdye, although I actually endorse indie coffee enterprises (having wanted to start one myself--still wanting to, actually), I gotta think they have even more creepy customers than we do. Or that coffee attracts people across the social-acceptability spectrum.

I worked in the a.m., and had the afternoon off, but the weather was foul here, so I went to see Wall-E with one of my friends.

Stacey--thanks for your kind words. Sometimes I guess I feel refreshed writing them?

L.L. Barkat said...

Now there are two words I wouldn't have thought to put together... creeping and glory. But I get it. I do.