Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Monday

In 2000, I was living in London and having a rather dreadful time of it really (it got worse as it went on), but I remember the day after Easter as being really lovely, and I wrote a poemish sort of thing about it. This poem still makes me happy, so even though it is 8 years later and Easter Monday is not a holiday in this country and today is not even Monday, I think I shall post it here. (I find it funny that Starbucks figures in it, even though I hadn't an inkling at the time that I'd ever work at one.)

After the Resurrection
The gave us a holiday,
So we took it
With our umbrellas
(To keep it from raining
Which they did).
We drank cappuccinos at Starbucks
And watched the foam clouds
Scud across the top of Green Park
Until the sky was blue
And we had to go for a walk in it,
As the trees exploded
Around us
Like suspended fireworks
Sizzling seedbursts down
And bringing them up
Short of the lampposts,
And the sun showered late daffodils
Onto the grassy slope,
Which begged for someone
To run spring-fever-crazy
Through them
Or to gather them up in a ball
And toss them--
Glorious glowing life.

And, since we're talking poems here, I just have to share with you this brief piece of silly brilliance composed today by my colleague Ben (whom I sometimes call "Bentleman," from the time when he was the only guy who worked at our store and it was "ladies and Bentleman):

Haikus are easy.
But sometimes they don't make sense.


heather said...

This makes me happy.
In fact, I think I'll go for a run and enjoy the skiddadled clowds and daffodils.

Jeff said...

Nice work. There's a variety of lovely turns of phrase in there. The image of foamy clouds after the Starbucks refernence and the use of "scud" as a verb are two of my favorites...
The haiku was also perfect in the randomness of that last line.

Annelise said...

Loved it!

Barry Pike said...

Very nicely done.

I like poetry that gets in there, gets it done, and then moves on.

Jeff said...

Is it egotistical to throw out my own self-referential haiku parody thing?
I hope not...
This is called:
My attempts at Haiku: how I try to make it work but usually can’t quite pull it off.

I’m not smart enough
to finish in just three lines.
Thank God for titles.

kristin said...

Dear Jenn
I loved the poem, it had a lovely flowing motion to it. You have a talent Jenn, and you are a deep thinker.