Thursday, January 10, 2008


Last week on my first day of work after the New Year's break, I observed that, according to the digital thermometers outside of the banks along my commute, it was 1 degree Fahrenheit. The next day, it was a whole 4. There's something about only one vertical line being lit up in an entire digital read-out that makes me feel like I'm teetering on the verge of maniacal laughter.

The good thing about temperatures like that is that when they finally get back up to freezing (32), it actually feels kind of warm. And when they hit 66, like they did over the weekend, people around here start thinking about shorts and tank tops, and they order Frappuccinos by the bucketful. Yesterday I saw a girl who had gone from thinking about it to actually doing it--and it was only 52.

Everyone knows that winter's not over. It'll come back and sock us with a big one, most likely. But in the meantime, may I leave you with the public service announcement:

No, folks. It is not summer. And we really don't actually enjoy making Frappuccinos. Also if we run out of plastic cups, it's not our fault.


Scott said...

yes, you are right. It was a little cool with the mini heat wave we had. Yet, it was pay back time from the weather gods who dealt us mighty cold weather the week before.

Christianne said...

Running out of plastic cups because there's a run on the market for them?? Wow. I guess that means people really DO desire shorts, tanks, and the icy cold drink in the dead of winter up there.

Meanwhile, in Florida, it remains in the 80s. Blah. I wish it at least FELT like winter down here. I had to fly all the way to California to get 60-degree weather over Christmas. I was freezing!

heather a. goodman said...

It's all about perspective. It hits 52 here in Texas and I'm going for my wool coat and scarf!

jasdye said...

so i accidentally ordered a frap of some sort last weekend. it was so prominently placed on the menu at the local starbucks. and it wasn't even in the 50's... yet.

if you don't want us to take all your plastic cups, don't offer (esp. not just prominently, but kind of hidden) the fraps in THE BEGINNING OF FLIPPIN' WINTER!

btw, the coldest stretch hasn't even begun here in chicago, and i'm about done with winter. let the thawing begin.

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