Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy New Year to You, Too

I do not want to start the New Year off whining. It's just that right now the only things I can think of to say might not be viewed as exactly positive. Actually, that's not entirely true, but I feel like if I start off with the happy stuff, and then move on to the immediate stuff-in-my-head, it will sound like I'm saying, "So yeah, some good stuff happened, but . . . "

So I'm just going to go ahead and get these things off my chest:

  • No airplane delay should last longer than the flight which is delayed. It certainly should not be four times as long. I don't mind airports, as long as I am planning to hang out in them for over 12 hours. But I do mind if I'm not.
  • Although I began my seasoning as a world-traveler when I was two and learned how to say "Tegucigalpa," I have only just come up with the following, empirically well-tested theory: Any sleep gotten or food ingested in the process of traveling is utterly irrelevant to one's overall state of being.
  • There really is stuff-in-my-head. This morning when I woke up, it felt like someone had taken Boston's Ted Williams Tunnel during rush hour, and tried to surgically implant it into my sinuses.
  • I used to like winter. I'm pretty sure it's all past tense at this point.
Um. Yeah. I hope your turn of the year has been lovely, too!


Heather said...

You and my husband..
He got stuck in so many airports in 2007 that he needs to write a manual on how to survive flight delay (with special appendices on how to sleep in an airport, how to eat in an airport, and how to bless rather than kill the screaming baby).
Hope you feel better--I've had the same sinus implantation. I think I'm starting to get better.

jasdye said...

boston has a Ted Williams tunnel?

how come we don't have a Harey Carey Highway? or an Ernie Banks Boulevard?

Christianne said...

This made me laugh. Even though it was sucky on your end to be going through it. But still, your dry humor always gets to me.

Right now, I am sitting in Houston International Airport, enjoying the quiet and free wi-fi offered in one of their special airline lounges that certain credit cards can get you into. I realize that might sound snappy coming on the heels of your difficult post, but really I meant it in solidarity. I would not survive an airport in the tired and cranky state I am in right now if my hub did not have one of those handy-dandy magic credit cards on his person.

And last January I spent five hours on the tarmack for a flight that was only supposed to last three. They had to let some people off because the time to make their connecting flight had already elapsed. Blah on airport life.

Scott said...

I have not flown since May. Only occassionally. But I did imagine when I was in the mall walking back to my bus stop that I was on a moving walkway. Holding onto to the metal railing and walking very fast. Imagining that I was at the MPF going to the BTC which made the commute much more bearable. Not a bad way to go three buses deep to get home. So I understand delays and there is the need for that dry humor even if people around you may not fully get it.
So the airport can be in our minds.