Monday, January 28, 2008

Careful Language

This evening I was cooking dinner and opened a package of mushrooms. I noted that on the underside of the label was, as there often is, a recipe. This recipe? Was for "Asian-Flavoured Mushrooms."

Think about it for a minute. What does that even mean?


Barry Pike said...

You know, as opposed to, say, "European-flavored" mushrooms. Heh.

jasdye said...

i've been thinking about this for a week now. i got nothin'.

'cept, it reminds me of this movie i saw as a kid in the late 80's where an alien asks what type of food is the best, and this guy goes french. so the alien goes around, finds french people and eats them.

terrified me.

Inihtar said...

Of course! Coz Asia is so like, you know, one country!