Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Speaking of entitlement (see previous post), I think probably people should be entitled to look after their own money (or credit) and not have to worry about other people trying to mess around with it. I think I am entitled to such respect. But I don't feel overly entitled right now. What I am feeling is unsettled. Apparently someone, somewhere, somehow, got hold of my credit card info, and in the past week and a half used it to charge about $1500 worth of who knows what.

Thank God (by which I really mean thank God) for the fraudstoppers at the credit card company who figured out these sketchy transactions weren't mine. And for a system that doesn't require me to pay all that back. It would be impossible. Meanwhile, I could currently be described as mildly freaked out. The freaked-out-ness might justifiably be greater than mild if I were a little more awake to process all of this.

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