Monday, October 23, 2006


I finally managed to unleash a modicum of controversy with the last of my posts, although most of it went to my email inbox rather than the comments section. People should stop being so timid. I figure if I'm airing half-baked thoughts on here all the time, maybe a few others would keep me company, but never mind.

Anyway, the so-called controversy wasn't really the type I was expecting, and essentially boils down to, "What does 'head' mean in this context anyway?"

Here's what I have to say to that:

I don't know.


Annelise said...

I don't think you're half-baked. I can only speak from experience. I suppose mentally I have the idea that the husband is the head, but I have always felt that in reality Dad and I worked in tandem. Of course, it helps that I married someone who has the same value system, so that makes a difference. If we were total opposites, I'm not sure what would have happened! I think, though, that "head" means "the buck stops here" and is really mainly for administrative purposes. "Head" certainly doesn't mean boss, but, if I read Ephesians right, it looks like the husband is the one who has the responsibility to help his wife be the best she can be. I agree with a previous commentator who said that all of this isn't the ideal, but is the result of the fall. Ask Dad for his sermon on husbands.... There we have Christ as Head laying down His life for the church, and the husband as head laying down his life for the wife. So it really isn't a position I'm sure I'd want! Wish I knew what your e-mail writers had said. Love you, Mom

Jenn said...

Sounds about right to me. Your and Dad's marriage is one of my main inspirations and models for this whole thing. (But I think you both help each other be the best you can be.)

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