Thursday, December 18, 2008


The title might seem a little sacrilegious, but I think I am not amiss, these days, in praising God for small mercies . . . and maybe they're not so small, really.

Last night, shortly after I wrote the last post, I guess, the lights came back on. I didn't get to experience them until tonight, as I was still staying with Pastor Ron and Mrs. Dona, but ah, is it ever a relief!


jeff said...

Wow. Thanks as always for sharing. I've really enjoyed (as always) you're last several posts.

A week from this Sunday I'm speaking at Fellowship. The topic is "elevating community". The last couple weeks have been this perfect string of illustrations on the topic. In fact, you're last several entries read a whole lot like a lot of stuff that I'll be saying on the topic.

At any rate, I just wanted to offer a hearty "Yes!" To pretty much everything you've had to say in about the last five postings.

Scott R. Davis said...

glad that you had light and power restored to your household. scott

Jenn said...

Jeff--thank YOU for reading, and responding. I'm glad some stuff resonates.

Scott--so am I!

Scott R. Davis said...

Oh yeah, at time of creation at the department store where the angels worked, when God declared, let there be light, that is when the hallelujah chorus began. Then they could see what they were set out to do and could see their boss, God, a little more clearly!!!

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