Friday, June 13, 2008

Procrastination Tips

I am not domestically-inclined. One might even call me domestically-challenged. However, I have discovered a fail-safe way for me to get stuff done around the house. I simply have to have an even higher-priority project hanging over my head.

My next community profile article (on Kennebunkport, story out in August) is due on Wednesday. I have today set aside as the day to write it, because . . . it's my day off, and the next couple of days are busy.

But first, you know, it's weeding season again. I mean . . . there are weeds everywhere, and once again my parents are returning soon, and things should probably look a little better around here than they do. (Besides which, it is gorgeous outside.) And then, you know, I have to do laundry. I even hung it on the line today, which, admittedly takes a little longer, but I'm trying to conserve. And I ate lunch. And I really should probably vacuum, now that I've found some vacuum bags that fit the appliance . . . And then, of course, I'm back to blogging, so I should probably check in today.

Article? What article?


Annelise said...

I can see it's probably good we return to the States every so often so the place gets clean! :-)

Rhonda said...

did you say, "weeding" ugh. I need to do that...before they take over!
Have a good weekend!

Jenn said...

Mom--hey now. It's not THAT bad! I clean it. I just don't often get outside to do the weeding. Um . . . nor do I clean . . . as much as you do.

Rhonda--yeah, exactly. Have a good weekend, too!

Annelise said...

I hope you know I'm just kidding! :-)

Jenn said...

Of course I do. I was grinning when I wrote that . . . ;)