Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Can't Explain It

When I was little--like, in kindergarten--sometimes my mom would ask me what we did in school that day. Being fundamentally lazy, I never really wanted to go into it--not to mention that I don't think I was really sure what I was supposed to tell her about. After some prodding I'd sometimes start to describe something, and then get bored or frustrated or whatever, and say, "Oh, I can't explain it." My brother had his own version of this excuse, which was, "I'm too tired to." (When he was even littler, he used to say, "But I don't want to," which was more honest, but amounted to the same thing. It always ran together and sounded like, "BuhdaidohWAnoo.")

Sometimes I think this is why I don't blog. I have these thoughts. Or someone else has them and they strike me as interesting. Then I think about sharing them here, and it seems too complicated or too confusing or like too much work and I think something along the lines of, "Oh, I can't explain it." After which, I have a backlog of ideas which I wish I had written about after all. Sigh.

I say this because there are one or two things I was thinking about back in January or something, which fall into the above category. It's a warning, maybe, that I might just drag them out into the light of day after all. I could do it right now. BuhdaidohWAnoo.


dave grosser said...

And I thought my cousin was the only one with catchphrases.

Annelise said...

You have me laughing at this one--David's constant refrain! :-)

Marty said...

My 3 steps toward an excellent product (including posts):
1. Simple
2. Excellent
3. Coolative (cool + creative)

Thats what this post is. Hilarious too.

Barry Pike said...

Ha! I totally get this. I've been thinking for two or three days now about the dustup between Dr. Dobson and Obama over scripture vs. culture. I've got thoughts on that topic and on their little kerfluffle..."BuhdaidohWAnoo." I've got unposted half-posts, half-heartedly written, dating back over a year, too.

I always hated this line of parental question as a kid, too. But, when I became a parent, I wanted to know, and I would ask the same question, prodding for responses at times. Of course, JP always gave some variation of the above answer.

But one day, I overheard my wife (an excellent and intuitive communicator) ask him, "Tell me one good thing that happened to you today at school." He could do that and he wanted to! And often, though not always, that answer would lead into other discussion about schoolwork, friends, teachers, etc.

I've not forgotten that and found, with some slight variation, that question works great with adults, too.

Finally, have you noticed that often it is easier to comment on someone else's blog that it is to write on your own...uh, yeah...I bet you've noticed that. ;-)

Billy said...

You Nailed it. I am Lazy and the thought of organizing my thoughts into a rational statement never mind complete post seems daunting... Maybe i will make it a goal to keep up with you. If you post I'll post... until of course that gets to be to much and I stop again...

jeff said...

A few of us were discussing what a great post this is in church today.
I hope you end up dragging those ideas out...

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