Monday, May 14, 2007

Pieces of Eight

That's for all of us who are looking forward to Pirates 3 . . .

Someone ("namely," A Musing Mom, though I suspect that's not really her name) tagged me to list eight random things about me. I definitely can come up with more than eight random things about me, but I'm not sure I can come up with that many that you don't already know. Still, I'll try. Here's the rules I am constrained to list, having acquiesced to the meme:

  • Post the rules of the game.
  • Tell us about eight random facts/habits about you.
  • At the end of the post, choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things.
  • Leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

Here are the eight things:

1. I play the flute with one of the worship teams at my church.

2. I have a false tooth, the original of which I lost at age seven while playing "Kitty and Doggy" with my then three-year-old brother. The tooth doesn't come out or anything, but you can tell it's there if I try to whiten my teeth; it doesn't cooperate with White Strips.

3. I have always taken seriously the oft-mocked warning, "You'll poke an eye out!" This is because, as a young girl, my grandmother actually did get her eye poked out while playing with some friends. (Maybe I mean "friends.") I have some really cool Grandma's-glass-eye stories, but they, I feel, are not germaine to this post. (I inherited the artificial-facial-feature trait from her.)

4. While in college I used, on a fairly regular basis, to climb out of the fifth floor window of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, inch along the ledge up there to the next window, shove it open, hoist myself in, and open up the attic door from the inside so my friends and I could play sardines and have surprise parties up there. During my senior year, Public Safety or someone put a metal grill over the window, and an alarm on the door.

5. Right before my high school graduation, the Edison Electrical Institute surprised me by awarding me $200 for a science fiction short story I had sent in to a contest of theirs and forgotten about.

6. My house in London had a bright yellow door with the number seven next to it. I didn't live in that house until I had been in London a year, but I visited some previous residents there on the first day I arrived in London, and knew upon entering that I loved that house and was going to live in it.

7. I can say "thank you" in eleven languages.

8. I have had fifteen roommates over the course of my life, including Roommate-Sarah, and her sister (who just moved in last month), Roommate-Rachel.

I'm feeling a little stymied as to who to tag, since almost everyone I know by blog has already been hit with this one. But here goes, and if you've already gotten this one--well, consider it retroactive tagging:

Christy, Cubicle Reverend, brother Dave (even though his blog doesn't lend itself to such memes), other Dave, the Item, Christianne, Jasdye, and Peacepipes. (Peacepipes, this, of course, means that you have to get a blog.)


A Musing Mom said...

Jenn, you play flute for worship? Cool. I played flute all the way through college. Then I began going to churches where there were flute players on the worship band who actually taught flute. I was too intimidated by it then and am too rusty now. But the old flute was been refurbished last summer and is enjoying a new life in the hands of a third-grade friend.

Thanks for doing the meme. I enjoyed learning more about you (and the next time I go past the Billy Graham Center I'm going to be looking up at the windows, picturing a young college girl climbing out).

Christianne said...

I loved reading these eight things! And since I'm new to your site, they were all definitely brand-new to me. I especially loved the story about the sardines-in-Graham at Wheaton, the short story you forgot about and then got an award for writing, and the place in London you knew that you would live. I love that kind of stuff (about the house in London, I mean).

We just got our house we knew we were going to get, too, by the way. You can come by and pick up the hug I left for you there.

And I'll answer the meme soon -- thanks for the tag!

Heather said...

one more thing to add to our list of commonalities - i was a music major in college and now teach flute lessons.
but no glass eyes in my background, although i have a pirate in my ancestry, love all things pirate, and can't wait for the third movie (especially since Chow Yun Fat joined the crew).

Craver Vii said...

Can I help you add any thank-you's?

Tagalog (Filipino)?

Arigato Godzaimass


Stacey said...

You wild woman - crawling around in the BGC!!

And, I'm just behind you with roommates. I've had 14, but maybe 15 this year.

Thanks for the fun fact.

peacepipes said... took me a while but I've decided to know, being the complacent kind of guy that I am! :)
However, here's the catch: to read MY blog, you're gonna have to jump over to and look for me there. Profile name: peacepipes.
No offense to, but I just happened to have a spot on xanga already.
Anyway, thanks for the tag. If nothing else, it sparked a bit of introspective writing again for a change. It had been a while.

Jenn said...

Yeah, I thought all you Illinoyings would appreciate the BGC story . . .

AMM and Heather--flautists of the world, UNITE! Yeah. I used to play pretty well, but now I never practice and have all but forgotten how to read music. It's pretty disgraceful.

Christianne--thanks for the hug. ;) And congratulations on the house!

Craver--thanks for the additions. Actually, I knew the Mandarin and Swedish ones already, but had forgotten to consider them in my total. There are probably a few others I'm currently forgetting, too . . .

Stacey--yet another thing in common.

Peacepipes--huzzah! I shall check it out posthaste. Whatever that means.

Jenn said...

P.S. I hope no one was offended by my "Illinoyings" word-invention. I don't find any of you annoying, but I do find you all "comfortable" as blog-friends, and I've been wanting to play with the sound of "Illinois" for a long time . . .

Don't forget, I've lived there, too!