Friday, October 16, 2009

Global . . . Snowing

So, I know that Colorado already had snow in September or something. Maybe more than once. But they also had the biggest blizzard I've ever experienced in my life, in 2003, so I might kind of expect it.

Last night, on October 16th, it started snowing here. What.

It was still snowing this morning when Oscar and I took our First-Thing-in-the-Morning walk, and we were both probably still too groggy to do much with it, though it occurred to me to wonder whether Oscar had ever seen snow before, from his kennel in Arkansas.

When I let him out a little later, he was much more fascinated by the stuff, getting thoroughly distracted from his "Business" by the fascination of munching the cold white stuff off the grass. He probably would've tried to eat it off the whole yard, if I had let him. In which case he really would've had some Business to attend to.

The snow was mostly melted by 10 a.m., but it had stuck around enough to accumulate a little before that, and it was weird-looking. I mean, the trees haven't even finished undressing for the winter yet. They've scarcely begun. The effect was kind of like putting a slinky ball-gown on over the flannels and overalls you were just wearing to muck out the barn.


Anonymous said...

So funny. Meike was equally confused. We didn't have any accumulation out here, but I did take her out for her first snow romp... once she realized all the flakes were falling, she froze for a minute (not quite sure what to do), and then ran back in the house. Gosh, I love having pups from the South. Can't wait to see their reaction to the first snowstorm!

By the way.. how does Oscar like the blowing leaves? Meike can't get enough of them. She chases them like she's never seen them before... hilarious!

Happy Saturday!

Scott R. Davis said...

you gave me a good laugh too Jennifer. You sure have a way with words. Have a blessed day today.


Jennwith2ns said...

Nicole--Oscar likes leaves in general, but since he still doesn't really understand playing, he mostly just sniffs at them. ;)

Scott--thanks, you too!