Sunday, September 14, 2008


Family-of-Six is away for the weekend again. I suspect they will be triple-checking their engine before they return.

Meanwhile, I am sort of reluctantly bonding with the kitten. Last night didn't go so well. Today went a lot better--to the point that I had a meltdown about it, alone (except for the cat), in the kitchen. I kind of don't want it to go well, because apart from the fact that my brother and his family will be here over Christmas and apparently he is violently allergic to cats, I have this superstitious but deep-seated fear that having a cat will be the death knell to all my marital hopes and aspirations. I fear that I am just a couple of months away from becoming The Cat Lady.

The fact that I just forked over a large sum of money (nevertheless at a seemingly divinely orchestrated discount price) for a twin mattress set was already giving me ominous intimations of such things, but if I end up getting a cat without even trying, it really feels to me like someone is saying, "Since you are going to be alone for the rest of your life, here is a companion. You're already well on the way to eccentric."

On the other hand, if someone steps forward and says they are just dying to have a cat and they would love to take this kitten off my hands, then I will feel like I am just a way-station for living beings; I provide friendship or housing for people--and now, apparently, animals--for as long as they need it, and then they move on to whatever they're really supposed to be doing with their lives.

Sometimes my reasoning gets a little fuzzy. But that might be the presence of kitten-fur all of a sudden.

The Milk Guy (to whom I did not relate any of this angst) says I should lighten up and watch the Simpsons. Which is on in two minutes. So for once I'm going to take his advice, and do it.


Stacey said...

Oh Jenn, the kitty is soooo beautiful and having a cat does not make you single for life (nor would that be such a horrible thing). Cats are so very easy to care for - I promise, I live with one right now. All you need is the litter box, a spray bottle of water to teach it not to scratch your furniture, and perhaps an air filter for when your family comes over. They are such wonderful fun and company. Embrace the destiny and enjoy. I'm praying for you sister - sorry there is so much stress!

Annelise said...

I agree with the Milk Guy--it is time to stop over-analyzing! :-)

K. said...

Hi Jenn
I had the same feelings as you about being single and having pets - but unlike you (maybe), I just love pets. So in time I got a dog AND a cat while taking care of the 6 cats and dog of my landlady when she was away, which was a lot of the time. Her cats became old and died, other cats moved in, her dog died eventually, and I took in another dog when my good friend died of cancer and her dog didn't have a home anymore. All of this in a one-room appt. So you see, as for being strange and excentric and being absolutely not attractive to any eligible single man I beat you by far...
I actually did another similar thing to you and bought a good, wide bed for myself after having slept very cramped in a very small bed I was given once. My 1-room didn't have place for a double bed so I bought myself a 1 m. wide bed and loved it every minute I slept in it. About a year later I met my husband. He took the 2 dogs and the cat in stride (though he could easily live without them and doesn't like to be bound so much as I find necessary for them)...
I have loved the company of my pets as long as I didn't have a human companion and I still love it, even with my human companion who is of course even better to have around. Who knows, maybe you'll get used to her. She is really beautiful. And otherwise of course try everything to find her somebody else,you could just be an auntie until she finds a family...
Good luck!

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