Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Time to Rejoice and a Time to Whinge

And now is the time to whinge. Well. Actually. I suppose that really it's always time to rejoice. I further suppose that, even if that were not the case, I should really rejoice a whole lot more than I do. But . . . right now I'm going to whinge anyway.

Getting old is really annoying:

For as long as I have had teeth, not one of them has had a cavity. Today I went to the dentist and found out that . . . one of them has a cavity. I really can't take any credit for my previously cavity-free teeth (can you say "cavity free"? is there such thing as an absence of a hole?)--it's heredity and early and regular fluoride treatments and such. But I feel somewhat affronted regardless. The dentist is calling it a "pit," which I guess is not as deep as a "cavity" and is somewhat less invasive and painful to treat, but whatever. There is something wrong with my tooth. I am not pleased.

Probably the reason there is something wrong with my tooth is that I have taken to drinking milk steamers with honey syrup in them at work, and this is because of getting old, too. No, no--I don't think old people drink milk all the time. But, because of getting old I guess, I have some other physical health concerns which are soon to be checked out. The presence of caffeine affects these tests, and so I have not been drinking anything caffeinated, formerly caffeinated, chocolate, anything, for three weeks. Me. Let me remind you I work at Starbucks. I really only like my brewed coffee with milk, or maybe black tea--but those are off-limits. Herbal teas are getting on my nerves. So I'm drinking steamed milk with syrup, and I just bet that stupid syrup made that "pit."

Also, my metabolism has finally slowed down, I think. I am finally my optimal weight--instead of dangerously below it. This is cause for rejoicing indeed--except that now that I'm there, and my metabolism is slowing, I feel that I actually have to make conscious choices about whether or not I eat french fries (a long-standing weakness) or stuff with whipped cream. And sometimes those choices have to be "no." Sheesh.

Okay--so I guess I don't have so much to whinge about after all.


jasdye said...

what's whinging?

and moreso, i lost my wonderful metabolism in my mid-20's. i don't think it's fair that you only now have to consider yours.

Marty said...

So this year, I've really taken to the realization that I'm getting old too. The two reasons are as follows: I'm in an over 30 basketball league and noone ever id'd me, and also, the state of my hair is changing slowly but surely. It used to be so nice and soft and now its getting quite rigid and hard to work with.
I too, rejoice with the idea that we are getting old.

Jenn said...

Jasdye--Whining. It's a holdover term I picked up in the British Isles.

Marty--Heh. Yeah, it's a beautiful thing, is it not?

Annelise said...

Your great-grandmother lived to be 103, so you really have a long time to go before you're getting old! :-)

Rhonda said...

oh girl you are lucky!
one cavity is all?
I've had many. I hate to admit that.


A Musing Mom said...

Jenn-Woo hoo! I rejoice with you on reaching an optimal weight (coming from the low-side, that is). It does stink that it comes along with a need to finally watch what one eats, doesn't it? That to me has been one of the toughest parts of getting older.