Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Announcement from the Little Room Weather Station: it is snowing. Snowing.

I have mixed feelings about this. For now, I feel that I should get ready for work in about two seconds and hie myself out of here while I can still make it up the driveway . . .


Marty said...

It is 10:10 and now it's been snowing for almost an hour where I live. Oh wow! I'm cold.

Craver Vii said...

Yeah, I'm having mixed feelings, too. Last night the rain poured, and at 1AM I couldn't sleep. I was thinking how much I would miss hearing the pitter-patter of those big fat raindrops splashing on my roof.

Today, I'll be driving until midnight, and they say it's going to snow. I'll miss the rain.

It's been so gray lately. You know what? Right now, I just wish the sky would clear up and give us a little blue again.

Inihtar said...

Wow!! Snow already!! I'm glad I moved to Japan to avoid that, if for nothing else!!

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