Friday, November 09, 2007


Last night I drove for almost two hours through rush-hour traffic in a suspiciously wobbly car in order to retake the SAT. Yes, that would be the standardised college entrance exam. I am not going back to college. And actually, I only had to take part of it. And actually, I only had to take part of that. This was the second step in the application process toward a part-time job tutoring high school students who are preparing for the SAT. The pay is pretty good, and at least hypothetically, I should be able to maintain my hours at Starbucks. This would be an amazing provision in a lot of different ways, so I'm hoping it works out.

I wobbled back home in my wobbly car after acing the part of the part of the test that I took (actual interview next week). Then I made a few phone calls and went to bed. At 3.45 a.m., I arose, made myself presentable enough to serve early-morning coffee, got into my car, and headed for work.

That only took about two seconds. The heading, I mean. "Hillarie," I said into my cell phone to my groggy manager, "I'm so sorry. I'm going to be late. I have a flat tire. I've never changed a tire before." (We're talking about tyres here, British readers.)

If my parents have to live in another country, it's really cool that they live in a time zone which allows me to call them at 4.30 a.m. without waking them up. (This was good that other time, too, when the furnace internally combusted and all the fire alarms went off and the house almost burnt down.) So, in the cold and the dark, on my hands and knees on the driveway, phone precariously tucked between my ear and my shoulder, I listened to my dad talk me through changing a tire. He had told me how once before, and Former-Roommate-Sarah's now-husband Stephen changed a tire for me once, too. But I never learn how to do anything until I actually do it.

Guess what? I actually did it!

I was so proud of myself, I had to tell all the customers, "I learned how to change a tire today, at 4.30 in the morning!" They all groaned and congratulated me at the appropriate moments. The UPS guys who brought us our paychecks (cheques) today were particularly affirming.

Only problem with this that I feel I have lost the last bargaining chip I had with God in regards to His ever allowing me to get married. You know. No more, "Dear God, you do realise I don't know how to change a tire? Don't you think I need a husband to help me with that?" Sigh. Totally independent now. It's over.

It's okay, though. I was never very good with that damsel in distress thing, anyway. (I mean--I can get kind of distressed. I'm just not good with waiting around for someone to help me.) Today as I was taking the trash out of the store, this older gentleman said, "Oh my goodness! Can I help you?" and moved to open the door. It wasn't very convenient for him, though, and I said, "Oh that's okay, thanks. I changed a tire today at 4.30 in the morning. I can do anything!"

This is probably inaccurate. But it felt true at the time.


Marty said...

What a great story! The interesting thing is, I woke up at 4, and for no good reason was in my office at 4:30am.You could have commented on my blog that you needed help. I might have been there in a short time. But then you wouldn't have this great story, so never mind.

Young Christian Woman said...

But what about if your computer breaks? Does that one still work?

Barry Pike said...

Congratulations, Jenn! That is a great story.

And, hey, a woman that can change her own tire? Most guys I know will rank that in the "hotness" category. :-)

Jenn said...

Marty--wow. The Lord woke you up to help me and didn't let me know? Sheesh! But yeah, with me, it kind of all ends up being about the story . . .

YCW--We-e-elll, given the fact that my previous computer was broken for almost two years and I managed, I don't think so.

Barry--I was kind of hoping that might be a possible alternate reading of the situation. ;)

Annelise said...

Hilarious post, Jenn. How about fixing broken hot water heaters?....

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment, Jennifer.

I have a great picture in my mind of you and your dad on the phone...


L.L. Barkat said...

That was very amusing.

Craver Vii said...

You haven't seen my tire joke laying around here anywhere, have you? I was so sure I left one yesterday. Sadly, my mind is fried and I can't think of a new one. Oh well, great job changing the tire. 4:30am? Ugh.

Llama Momma said...

You go, girl!

And independence in no way precludes marriage.

But you already know that.

(Spoken by a former single, tire changing, spider killing happily married and STILL killing her own spiders, thankyouverymuch.)

Jenn said...

Mom--I guess that's what repairmen are for.

HokumRock--my grandmother said the same thing. ;)

LL--thank you.

Craver--it saddens me to say that I haven't. But if I see one lying around, I'll let you know.

LM--yes, I did already know that. (Perhaps some other things preclude it, but I'm still trying to work out what those are.) Good for you re: the spiders! The last place I lived was a veritable spider hotel. I had one great globulous one keeping watch over my front door. I named her "Shelob," and the one over the window "Daughter-of-Shelob," but eventually they just became too disgusting and I vacuumed them up.

Craver Vii said...

It's funny that you named the spiders. Cool names, by the way. Anyway, I spared a spider a couple months ago, and decided to name him "Charlie." He's gone now. I think he had an encounter with someone less merciful.

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