Friday, August 10, 2007


There comes a point in every woman's life (well, maybe not every, but it makes for easier grammar later on) when, after feeling at age 19 that she was going to change the world, she realises that the most daring thing she can do in a given week is Wear Two Totally Opposing Shades of Green. At The Same Time. In Public. On Purpose.(This photo doesn't properly capture the oppositional nature of the shades, but it's the best I've got.)

I did this last night when I went out for Indian food with Dawna and Hannah's-Mom-Heather. Neither of them remarked on it, which shows remarkable good manners. I do like to wear non-matching shades of the same colour on occasion, but especially green for some reason. Maybe because I'm in an I-think-green-might-be-my-favourite-colour phase. My favourite colour changes about every five years (which is why I can never be too assertive about it), as does my job; perhaps they're related.

Anyway. I was thinking that things were getting a little intense around here, and I have more intense things that I want to talk about coming up, so I thought I'd throw in some banality to lighten the mood.

Oh, and:

Don't worry. I've only done two of these. Really.

Photo by jennw2ns: Greens, 2007.
Cartoon by jennw2braids, 2007.


dave grosser said...

You ought to wear that outfit with your Starbucks apron.

Jenn said...

Ooh. Good idea. Too bad there's a dress code . . .

Christianne said...

So fun. We can all use some banality now and again. Oh, and I've been noodling around with a post on the color green this week, too. Good timing.

Heather said...

Starbucks has a dresscode?
As much as I've enjoyed your deeper posts, this is fun too.
Completely random thought - do you ever wonder how we all find each other? For example, did I find you through Christianne or vice versa? and the same with Erin. I need a blog geneology.

Jenn said...

Christianne--good timing indeed!

Heather--dress code: black or khaki trousers/skirts; white or black shirts. And yes, I do wonder thus. A blog genealogy is a good idea . . . but I don't think I'd know where to begin. In our case, however--I think I found you through LL, and found Christianne through you.

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