Monday, April 23, 2007

The High Calling Goes Live

In case you haven't gotten yours yet.

Mark Goodyear generously asked me to be a stop on the blog tour for his (and others') website, The High Calling. It's a site dedicated to getting the message out that God cares about our daily work--and to helping us dedicate said work to Him, daily. It's full of articles, podcasts, devotionals, and other resources to get us thinking about this--and doing it. If it strikes your fancy, consider becoming a member.

I wanted to peruse the site at length and then give you all sorts of observations about it, as requested, but this may well be the last day of this computer's life on earth. I reckon I have about two minutes to finish this post before my laptop self-extinguishes. I am unaware of the existence of any local internet cafes, and (in faith that God would let this one chug along a little longer--when He obviously had other designs--or something) I have not actually done any computer shopping yet. So you may not see me again for a while.

But I did want to make sure you, at least, knew about the High Calling site so you could peruse it at your leisure, even if I can't at mine.


HALFMOM said...

Good success on both prolonging the life of the current laptop and quickly finding an excellent replacement - particularly if it has become for you, as for me, a permanent appendage!

You're now back linked on my posts at:

Mark Goodyear said...

Jenn, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your computer! They are certainly expensive tools to replace.

As much as I love them, as much as I enjoy exploring ministry and worship and supplemental forms of church community on the web, sometimes I think life would be a lot easier if everyone's computer stopped working.

Have fun on your unintentional blog sabbatical!

L.L. Barkat said...

Happy sabbatical! (A coerced one, I suppose, but a sabbatical no less.)

Ramblin Dan said...

Jenn, I hope you find comfort in however your current situation resolves itself.

Scott said...

apples bring good life to people. I did my twenty minute on and 1 hour off routine for quite a while with the hewlett packard windows 98. now I hum with the G5 apple intel version which is awesome. smaller more reliable machines do exist. Have fun shopping and saving.\
Jesus did not have a pc or mac and was effective. May you win people with your tone of voice. scott

The Cubicle Reverend said...

Congrats on the offer even if it's at the cost of your computer.

Every Square Inch said...

Thanks for highlighting the HighCalling website. Best wishes on your computer shopping. You never know - it could be fun!

Jenn said...

In a few rare moments of compu-grace, let me say the following:

Thanks everybody for your condolences! I just feel bad that my computer's maladies have apparently eclipsed the point of the post, which was The High Calling website.

Mark, I did have a much better, much longer post, but the thing shut itself off mid-post and I just jotted something down quickly out of desperation. But I'm sorry not to have done the site justice.

Also, CR, the invitation to post about the site surely had nothing to do with the (pending? or actual?) demise of my computer. It was just unfortunate timing . . .

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