Monday, February 05, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have . . .


Yes indeed. On the day when the Groundhog did whatever he does that is supposed to mean that winter is almost over, we had our first actual snowstorm of the season.

It was really really beautiful, although it made my commute home after work that night take an hour instead of just half of one. It was also the perfect snow for packing. Now it seems that all the moisture in it which made it good for snowball fights and bad for driving has evaporated or drained into the ground or something, and what's left is a crunchy shell of white all over everything. Which is a shame, because now--now that the snow's been around long enough for this to happen--we have icicles, which would be perfect for making snow-unicorns and things, like Dad and Dave and the neighbour kids and I used to make when I was nine or so. But you couldn't pack this snow unless you were driving over it a couple times with your car--in which case it would still be hard to make snow-unicorns.

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Heather said...

Mmm. I love icicles. I remember thanking God for sending us special homemade popsicles. Or pretending that we explored a cave froth with stalagtites (or mites, whichever). Or breaking them to brandish as swords (or light sabers). Have fun!

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