Thursday, February 01, 2007


I just love those. I'm sure I have some better ones than this, but I just got off the phone with Phone-Company-Andrew, and I'm kind of excited.

Phone-Company-Andrew has been buying quad espresso macchiatos in tall cups at our Starbucks for at least six months and probably longer. Still, it was only two weeks ago that I found out he works for a prominent Phone Company. This Phone Company provides me with a phone line which allows me to use this very slow internet connexion so that I can email my friends and write nonsense here. Every so often this Phone Company also sends an advertisement trying to entice Roommate-Sarah and me to get DSL.

We're enticed, all right. It's just that the very same Phone Company doesn't actually offer DSL in our area. It's "livewithable," but still kind of annoying. For example, if someone tries to phone one of us while I'm on-line, I have to log off and out of everything and call them back. Or if Sarah wants to use the internet herself, I am often a hindrance. We could get cable, but that has its own set of annoyances, and it's kind of galling to know we could get a package deal including phone, internet, and TV, except that our area is apparently a black-out zone.

Last week I was in the back room at work and I overheard one of my colleagues asking the man who was then only Quad-Espresso-Macchiatto-Andrew something about this particular Phone Company. I charged back onto the main floor and said, no doubt with a hint of desperation in my voice, "Wait--do you work for that Phone Company?" (Well, I actually said the name of the Phone Company, but you know.)

"Yes," he concurred.

"When is DSL coming to My Town?"

"You don't have DSL?"

"Nope. It's really annoying." (Can you tell I find this really annoying?)

He then proceeded to hand me his business card with instructions to phone him and let him know my home phone number so that he could "get something set up." This afternoon I phoned him. "Okay," he said, after I gave him the requisite number, "I'll set something up and call you back tonight or tomorrow."

What? It was that easy?

I love connexions.


Annelise said...


Dave Grosser said...

Does this mean we can 3-way Skype?!

Anonymous said...

Ah...there's nothing like a good hook up to restore one's faith in humanity.
Here are things I have hook ups for:
computer repair
limited auto repair

If not for these connexions I'd have given up long ago.

Jenn said...

Ah well, I did know it was too good to be true, and sometimes it's nice just to be happy and hopeful and keep the cynicism at bay. As of this writing, we still do not have DSL, and I have heard nothing from Phone-Company-Andrew . . . but then, that doesn't mean I won't, I guess.

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