Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More blogging about blogging

Apparently the novelty of all of this hasn't worn off yet. Last night I went to bed early (on account of having to get up at what one might call an ungodly hour in order to get to Starbucks for opening) and couldn't fall asleep for worrying that this medium is not the one for me. What if I say something unforgiveably offensive? What if I already did? What if everybody I invited to view my blog already blogs and is nonplussed at all the blog-dissing I just indulged in? What if I say something just plain stupid?

For example, I made this seemingly inexplicable comment in my email invitation to family, friends, and people who wish to goodness I'd stop emailing them:

If you're a Christian and you want to find out how much of a heretic I actually am, or if you're not a Christian and you want to find out how right-wing I actually am . . . this is the place for you.

Many questions arise after pondering such an assertion. Such as, why would a Christian want to find out how much of a heretic I really am? And why would someone who isn't right-wing want to find out how right-wing I really am? Not to mention, why and how are "heretic" and "right-wing" polar opposites?

I think I can answer the first two questions by saying probably neither group described would want to find out such things, but most likely, being a contrarian and probably more or less middle of the road, I would seem to be the opposite of what either group would wish me to be. And maybe I hope I would. As for the polar-opposites thing, they're not. Only I was tired last night when I wrote that (even though I wrote it before going to bed early), and I couldn't think of what I actually wanted to say. I'm still not entirely sure. But I don't think you have to be right-wing to be a non-heretical Christian. Except in the sense that we're all heretics in some way or other, being unable to put God in a box as we'd like to.

Anyway, so I went to bed worrying about all sorts of potential misunderstandings, which made falling asleep somewhat tricky, and then once I managed to do it, I think I dreamed about having written some horrible blog which caused the world to fall down around my ears. But the happy "ending" to that story is that when I checked both my email and my blog, my reading public was very encouraging and complimentary, and if anyone was offended, they either weren't brave enough to say so, or they're loading up on ammunition.

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Annelise said...

You definitely need to stop worrying, get some sleep and just write! Love, Mom