Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Something Merry

It turns out that I already wrote a post far more articulate than the one I was just thinking about writing, which says basically the same thing, so you should really go read that. However, since I've been pondering this issue again, I do just want to say this:

I get kind of . . . at least uncomfortable, and at most upset . . . when the Milk Guy decides to throw out Jesus' name, randomly, without actually talking to Him. Most Christians I know don't like it when Jesus' name gets used that way, or any form of God's name gets used that way, really.

So why are so many of us so insistent that people who don't believe in Jesus, don't love Jesus, aren't actually talking about Jesus, aren't celebrating Jesus, use the word Christmas? How is it different from what we call "taking God's name in vain"? Is it? Isn't it? I'm just asking . . .


Philip said...

I think I get more upset by people who do and say incredibly hateful things in the wonderful name of Jesus, whether it's that insane minister named Fred in Kansas whose church's website is called "godhatesfags.com" or the countless evangelicals who say Obama is the anti-christ... I think they do far more harm than your milkman, who doesn't know the power of uttering the name of Christ.

I suspect you agree.

By the way, how wonderful to be in Ireland- and I think the best Christmas gift you could give Grandma Madeira is to set up a blogspace for her (Merrill's idea, which I think is brilliant)...

Jennwith2ns said...

I tend to agree with what you say about "far more harm." Probably with some qualifiers, but I think we're mostly on the same page about this particular thing.

Merrill's idea is interesting. I'll see what I can do.

The Old Geezer said...

interesting blog
God bless you
Merry CHRISTmas

Jeff said...

I also think that insisting on "Merry Christmas" makes us seem like whiny sore losers... I think you're alluding to this idea, but one of the bigger problems for me is that nobody has really answered the question "Why should non-Christians care more about Christmas than any of the other winter holidays."

I think if we spent more time and energy living out the example we find in Christ, we'll be far more persuasive about the importance of Christmas than if we complain about how people greet each other at retail outlets.

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